The first Australian Labradoodles have imported to Finland Late 1990s and In the early 2000s.

Although the breed is not yet officially recognized, it has charm people in short time with lovely appearance and happy, easygoing temperament.

Australian Labradoodle is a cheerful, social and intelligent dog.
They are suitable for many dog activities ( agility, search, rescue, tracking, water rescue etc.). They have excellent learning ability which makes them easy to train and with whom it is easy to live. 
However, these are not suitable for watchdogs because of their friendly temperament.

The Australian Labradoodle have three different sizes and two different coat types. 



Miniature: 35-43 cm, weight: 7-13kg

Medium: 43-53cm, weight: 13-23 kg

Standard: 53-63 cm, weight:24-35kg


Coats can be wavy or curly fleece or wool. These dogs don’t have an undercoat. They don’t shed hair, but it do loose it, this is old “dead” hair that is replaced by new hair. This old hair has to be removed by brushing and combing regulary. In one year age all puppy hair is replaced by adult hair. The puppy hair has to be brushed out thoroughly. Coat needs time and trimming of dogs owner.


The Australian labradoodle can appear in many different colors. Possible colors  are black, white, silver, cream, caramel, apricot, red, brown. Also party color is accepted. 



 We are living in southern-Finland and we have plenty of room for our dogs to roam and play on our big yard. Our dogs are part of our family. They are much loved and carefully cared family pets who share our lives.  

I am in the beginning on my path of breeding Australian Labradoodles. Right now we have only one female dog, Coco, in breeding and Cocos daughter Mimi is staying at home and we hope that she will be in our breeding programe later. Coco is multigenerational Australian Labradoodle from carefully selected lines. Coco is now medium/minisize lady but her daughter will be mediumsize for sure. So we breed medium size doodles because Coco is just between mini and medium.

My goal is to breed Australian Labradoodles, who meet the breed standard; are well structured, healthy, and who have correct coats and nice temperaments. Their temperaments are suitable for working as assistance, or a therapy dog and also for pet dog purposes.

Coco is health-tested and have been found to be healthy for hips, grade A or B (C) (by OFA ), elbows, patellas, eye examinations and dna tests, she is having really fine, healthy results. 

Puppies will born and growing in the middle of our family, which has important significance in the socialization prosess. They get used to normal, family life sounds.
Puppies can go outdoors when they are 3-5 weeks (depending on weather). 

Puppies has to be at least 8 weeks old before they move to their new homes.

The puppies have been checked by a veterinary and got their first vaccination and have been dewormed.

​They have microchip.

Puppy tests by an authorized puppy tester.

When you buy a puppy you get one year of membership to the Finnish Australian labradoodle organization and a booklet how to groom your dog.

​I will support for the buyer throughout the dogs life.

Sterilization/castration. The ownership will exchange after the sterilization/castration is done on our behalf before the age of 18 months latest (demand of the breeding organization).

All health tests of the parents is available.

The breed is allergy-friendly but not completely allergy free. However, many allergies have tolerated ALD very well. You can read more about this topic here:


If you think that this is the breed for you, you are welcome to contact us and tell more about you, your family and dog related plans.

 The next litter is planned on 2022.

We are breeding members of the Finnish Australianlabradoodle Association (http://www.australianlabradoodleyhdistys.fi/